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%%  einit  -  initalize the golbal parameters of epstk
%%  einit

% Path of epstk-mfiles
ePath='./';  % local directory
%ePath='/usr/share/octave/site/m/octave-epstk/';%or e.g. on a linux system

% Read user-parameter-file (octave on linux system)
%eInitUserFile=[system('echo -n $HOME') '/.epstkInit.m'];
%if exist(eInitUserFile)~=2
%  [userParaText n]=etxtread([ePath 'einit.m']); 
%  userParaStartPos=findstr(userParaText(1:1000),'% Parameter for epstk');
%  etxtwrit(userParaText(userParaStartPos(2):n),eInitUserFile);
%  clear userParaText

% Parameter for epstk
% written by stefan.mueller@fgan.de (C) 2005

% Program filename of Ghostscript 
eGhostscript='gs'; %ghostscript for linux
%eGhostscript='"c:/gs/gs7.04/bin/gswin32.exe"'; % e.g. on windows system
%eGhostscript=''; %no ghostscript

% Program filename of postscript-viewer  
eGhostview='gv'; %gv for linux
%eGhostview='gv --scale=-2 --media=BBox'; %with scale option of gv-version >3.6 for linux
%eGhostview='"c:/gs/gsview/gsview/gsview32.exe"'; %ghostview for windows
%eGhostview=''; %no ghostview

% common parameters
eFileName='epstkout.eps';       % default eps-outputfile 
%eFileName=tmpnam;              % default eps-outputfile for a octave-systems

% User unit
eUserUnit='mm';                          % or 'cm' or 'inch' or 'inch/72'
if strcmp(eUserUnit,'mm'),eFac=2.834646;
elseif strcmp(eUserUnit,'cm'),eFac=28.34646;
elseif strcmp(eUserUnit,'inch'),eFac=72;
else eFac=1;

eFile=0; %fileId of eFileName

% fonts  (standard fonts of postscript)
eFonts=;     % font number 32 

% colormaps

% page
ePageWidth=210; % mm A3=297 A4=210 A5=148 
ePageHeight=297;% mm A3=420 A4=297 A5=210
ePageOrientation=0; % 0=Portrait 1=Landscape 2=Upside-down 3=Seaside
ePageReflection=0; %  1=on 0=off  reflect page 
eXScaleFac=1; % 1=no resize  0.5=50% reduce  2=200% enlarge
eYScaleFac=1; % 1=no resize  0.5=50% reduce  2=200% enlarge

% window
eWinWidth=180; % mm  
eWinHeight=250; % mm
eWinFrameVisible=0; % 1=on 0=off   draw frame around window
eWinFrameLineWidth=0.3; % mm
eWinGridVisible=0; % 1=on 0=off   draw grid of window
eWinTimeStampVisible=0; % 1=on 0=off  print time stamp outside of frame
eWinTimeStampFont=1; % font number 1=TimesRoman select font of time stamp
eWinTimeStampFontSize=1.5; % mm

% plot area
ePlotAreaPos=; % x y position of left bottom corner of plot area
ePlotAreaWidth=100; % mm
ePlotAreaHeight=100; % mm
ePlotAreaXValueStart=0; % value range of x-axis
ePlotAreaYValueStart=0; % value range of y-axis
ePlotAreaYValueEnd= 100;

% polar plot area
ePolarPlotAreaCenterPos=; % x y position of Center of polar plot area
ePolarPlotAreaRadMin=10; % mm
ePolarPlotAreaRadMax=50; % mm
ePolarPlotAreaAngStart=0; % deg, 0=east 90=north 180=west 270=south
ePolarPlotAreaAngEnd=360; % deg, 0=east 90=north 180=west 270=south
ePolarPlotAreaValStart=0; % value range of radius-axis

% title obove plots
ePlotTitleDistance=20; % mm
ePlotTitleFontSize=6; % mm
ePlotTitleText=''; % text string 
ePlotTitleTextFont=1; % font number   1=TimesRoman

% grid
eXGridLineWidth=0.1; % mm
eXGridColor=; % [r g b]   =black  =white
eXGridDash=0.5; % mm    0=solid line >0=dash length
eXGridVisible=0; %
eYGridLineWidth=0.1; % mm
eYGridColor=; % [r g b]   =black  =white
eYGridDash=0.5; % mm    0=solid line >0=dash length
eYGridVisible=0; % 0=off 1=on 

% polar grid
ePolarRadiusGridLineWidth=0.1; % mm
ePolarRadiusGridColor=; %  [r g b]   =black  =white
ePolarRadiusGridDash=1; % mm   0=solid line >0=dash length
ePolarRadiusGridVisible=1; %  0=off 1=on
ePolarAngleGridLineWidth=0.1; % mm
ePolarAngleGridColor=; %   [r g b]   =black  =white
ePolarAngleGridDash=2; % mm   0=solid line >0=dash length
ePolarAngleGridVisible=1; %  0=off 1=on 

% axes
eAxesColor=; %   [r g b]   =black  =white
eAxesLineWidth=0.3; % mm
eAxesTicShortLength=1.5; % mm
eAxesTicLongLength=3; % mm
eAxesTicLongMaxN=9; % max. number of long Tics
eAxesValueSpace=1; % mm
eAxesValueFontSize=4; % mm
eAxesLabelFontSize=4; % mm
eAxesLabelTextFont=5; % font number   5=Helvetica
eAxesCrossOrigin=0; % 0=off 1=on 2=on and with arrows

% scale vectors:if start=0 and end=0 then autorange,if step=0 then autoscale 
% south axis
eXAxisSouthScale=; % [start step end]
eXAxisSouthScaleType=0; % 0=linear 1=classes 2=log10
eXAxisSouthValueFormat=-1; %  n digits after decimal point,-1=auto
eXAxisSouthValueVisible=1; %  0=off 1=on 
eXAxisSouthValuePos=; %  value positions after drawing of axis 
eXAxisSouthLabelDistance=2; % mm  label distance from axis
eXAxisSouthVisible=1; %  0=off 1=on 

% north axis
eXAxisNorthScale=; % [start step end]
eXAxisNorthScaleType=0; % 0=linear 1=classes 2=log10
eXAxisNorthValueFormat=-1;  %  n digits after decimal point,-1=auto
eXAxisNorthValueVisible=1;  %  0=off 1=on 
eXAxisNorthValuePos=; %  value positions after drawing of axis 
eXAxisNorthLabelDistance=2;  % mm  label distance from axis
eXAxisNorthVisible=1; %  0=off 1=on 

% west axis
eYAxisWestScale=; % [start step end]
eYAxisWestScaleType=0; % 0=linear 1=classes 2=log10
eYAxisWestValueFormat=-1;   %  n digits after decimal point,-1=auto
eYAxisWestValueVisible=1;   %  0=off 1=on 
eYAxisWestValuePos=; %  value positions after drawing of axis 
eYAxisWestLabelDistance=6;   % mm  label distance from axis
eYAxisWestVisible=1; %  0=off 1=on 

% east axis
eYAxisEastScale=; % [start step end]
eYAxisEastScaleType=0; % 0=linear 1=classes 2=log10
eYAxisEastValueFormat=-1;  %  n digits after decimal point,-1=auto
eYAxisEastValueVisible=1;  %  0=off 1=on 
eYAxisEastValuePos=; %  value positions after drawing of axis 
eYAxisEastLabelDistance=6;  % mm  label distance from axis
eYAxisEastVisible=1; %  0=off 1=on 

% polar radius axis
ePolarAxisRadScale=; % [start step end]
ePolarAxisRadScaleType=0; % 0=linear 1=classes 2=log10
ePolarAxisRadValueFormat=-1;  %  n digits after decimal point,-1=auto
ePolarAxisRadValueVisible=3;  %  0=off,1=RadStart on,2=RadEnd on,3=Start+End on
ePolarAxisRadValuePos=[0 0]; %  value positions after drawing of axis 
ePolarAxisRadVisible=1; %  0=off,1=RadStart on,2=RadEnd on,3=Start+End on

% polar angle axis
ePolarAxisAngScale=[0 0 0]; % [start step end]
ePolarAxisAngValueFormat=-1;  %  n digits after decimal point,-1=auto
ePolarAxisAngValueVisible=1;  %  0=off 1=on 
ePolarAxisAngValueAngle=0;  %  angle positions of values after drawing of axis  
ePolarAxisAngVisible=1;  %  0=off 1=on 

% plot line
ePlotLineColor=; %   [r g b]   =black  =white
ePlotLineDash=0;  % mm 0=solid line,>0=dash length,<0=fill line,'abc'=symbol abc
ePlotLineWidth=0.3; % mm
ePlotLineInterpolation=0; % 0=off 1=on

% plot legend
ePlotLegendPos=;% position relativ to left bottom corner of plot area
ePlotLegendFontSize=4; % mm
ePlotLegendDistance=100; % in percent, depend on ePlotLegendFontSize 
ePlotLegendTextFont=1;  % font number   1=TimesRoman

% image
eImageDefaultColorMap=0; % number of default map of eColorMaps 
eImageFrameVisible=0; % 0=off 1=on

%image legend
eImageLegendPos=; % position relativ to left bottom corner of plot area
eImageLegendWidth=0; % mm 0=ePlotAreaWidth
eImageLegendHeight=5; % mm
eImageLegendScale=; % [start step end]
eImageLegendScale=; % [start step end]
eImageLegendScaleType=0; % 0=linear 1=classes 2=log10
eImageLegendValueFormat=-1; %  n digits after decimal point,-1=auto
eImageLegendValueVisible=1;  %  0=off 1=on 
eImageLegendValuePos=;  %  value positions after drawing of axis  
eImageLegendLabelDistance=2; % mm
eImageLegendVisible=1; %  0=off 1=on 

% parameter
eParamPos=;  % absolut position of window 
eParamFontSize=4; % mm
eParamLineDistance=100; % in percent, depend on eParamFontSize
eParamTextValueDistance=100; % in percent, depend on eParamFontSize
eParamTextFont=3;  % font number   1=TimesRoman
eParamValueFont=11;  % font number   9=Courier

% line
eLineWidth=0.3; % mm
eLineColor=; %   [r g b]   =black  =white
eLineDash=0;  % mm   0=solid line   >0=dash length

% text
eTextFont=1;  % font number   1=TimesRoman
eTextFontSize=4; % mm
eTextPos=[30 eWinHeight-eTextFontSize]; % inital position is left top of window 
eTextColor=; %   [r g b]   =black  =white
eTextAlignment=1; % 1=right 0=center -1=left
eTextRotation=0; % in deg
eTextLimitWord=' '; % character to limit words
eTextLimitPara=setstr(10); % character  to limit paragraphs, setstr(10)=linefeed

% text box
eTextBoxFeedLine=0;  % mm 0=auto else fix linefeed
eTextBoxFeedPara=0;  % mm space between paragraphs 
eTextBoxSpaceNorth=0;  % mm  space between text and the north border of box 
eTextBoxSpaceSouth=0;  % mm  space between text and the south border of box
eTextBoxSpaceWest=0;  % mm  space between text and the north border of box 
eTextBoxSpaceEast=0;  % mm  space between text and the south border of box

% contour
eContourLineWidth=0.2; % mm
eContourLineColor=; %   [r g b]   =black  =white
eContourLineDash=0; % mm    0=solid line   >0=dash length
eContourScale=; % [start step end]
eContourValueVisible=0;  %  0=off 1=on 
eContourValueFormat=-1;  %  n digits after decimal point,-1=auto
eContourValueFont=5; % font number   5=Helvetica
eContourValueFontSize=2; % mm 
eContourValueDistance=2+eContourLineWidth/2; % mm
eContourLevelsMaxN=10; % max. number of isolevels if autoscaling on

% table
eTabBackgroundColor=; %   [r g b] if r<0 then transparent 
eTabFrameVisible=1;  %  0=off 1=on 
eTabFrameLineWidth=eLineWidth; % mm
eTabFrameColor=; %   [r g b]   =black  =white
eTabFrameDash=0; % mm    0=solid line   >0=dash length
eTabXLineVisible=1;  %  0=off 1=on 
eTabXLineWidth=eLineWidth; % mm
eTabXLineColor=; %   [r g b]   =black  =white
eTabXLineDash=0; % mm    0=solid line   >0=dash length
eTabYLineVisible=1;  %  0=off 1=on 
eTabYLineWidth=eLineWidth; % mm
eTabYLineColor=; %   [r g b]   =black  =white
eTabYLineDash=0; % mm    0=solid line   >0=dash length

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